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Testimonials / Patient Comment Corner

We work hard to ensure we provide the highest quality healthcare in a personalized and professional manner. We always have patients and their families as our highest priority. And, we love hearing from you!

Spring 2024:

"Dr. Flores is the BEST Dr. I have ever had. She carefully listens and able to calm patient with her careful response of optimism. I am grateful to be in her care. God bless!"

"I've been to Lab Corp in Pueblo and will never go back there. The people at the lab at Mt. San Rafael are so much more professional."

"Dr. Shier listens intently. She communicates very well and is skilled and thorough."

"I received the very best from EVERYONE. Made my experience a positive one. Kept me that a way."

"It was an excellent experience. Dr. McClintock and his staff provided care and were very considerate and helpful."

"Outstanding facility. Excellent Dr. & nurses."

Fall/Winter 2023:

"Dear Ms. Lucero,
I am writing directly to you to express my sincere gratitude for the inpatient care I received while a patient at Mt. San Rafael Hospital. I was admitted June 25, 2023, with some alarming symptoms. Everyone was wonderful! ER staff; admitting nurses; doctors; nursing staff; and nurses aides were caring, competent, thorough, and communicated very well with me. The Case Coordinator went above and beyond to communicate with my healthcare team in Michigan and to keep me informed.

Please note: this medical emergency took place while I was traveling, visiting family in Trinidad. My home is in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Ypsilanti is located minutes from Ann Arbor, MI, home to “Wolverines” of University of Michigan. They are known for excellent medical both at U of M hospital, Trinity Health, Beaumont Health System. There are 2 Trauma I centers within minutes from my home. I am grateful to have become accustomed to easily accessible excellent health care across specialties.

It is with that standard of comparison that I say I was so very impressed – and grateful – for the exceptional care I received at Mt. San Rafael Hospital. Thank you to all involved in my care - & to all who help Mt. San Rafael be a place of healing."
~ Leanna M. – Ypsilanti, MI

Spring 2023:

"Dr. Eric Ball [ER] - Excellent. We just moved here from Dallas - I had gone to an urgent care place in Pueblo - zero was done there - didn't know about Trinidad. This is an excellent ER - the nurse that attended me and Dr. Ball were professional - diagnosed COVID straight away - I hope I don't ever need to but I'd return there...45 years of nursing myself - I've never been so ill. You are awesome!"

"I have seen my primary care physician, also used labs and am currently doing cardio rehab there as well as seeing my new cardiologist. I'm very pleased with all of the care I've received. Thank you."

"[The team] in cardio rehab have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate them and thank them for getting me stronger."

"Outstanding personal and professional therapeutic approach geared to data-rich explanations that answered my questions as I need them answered. Dedicated, personal and professional therapist who supplied resources and knowledge appropriately, with a kind approach."

Fall 2022:

"My daughter's overall care was wonderful. The Dr.'s and nurses were amazing and the facility is really nice."

"Amazing ER nursing staff. ER doctor made me feel completely at ease despite my 10+ pain level. Great ER staff!!"

"My first visit and it was very pleasant. Even with the first person at the front to guide me into the office. The nurse was very pleasant and had a great personality and made me feel very comfortable. Wonderful experience being my first visit to this clinic - highly recommend it."

"Dr. [Damian] Mizera is amazing!! I would recommend him highly!! Without any reservations."

"Ms. [Martha] Cheatwood did an excellent job of meeting my needs, answering my questions - I will be back."

Spring 2022:

"Dr. Joe Jimenez is an amazing doctor. Always listens and is compassionate about my care that I receive."

"Dr. Conrad [General Surgery], Stephanie, Flowerr, Jeremy, and the entire surgical team provided excellent patient care."

"I was a patient in your Emergency Department. Doctors were very nice and professional. Very happy with care and treatment received by all who cared for me."

"Dr. Catherall has been my physician since June 2016. She is the best. Always pleasant, caring, and friendly."

"This is a very accomplished team [Dr. Mizera-Orthopaedics] and recommend this doctor to everyone."

"Overall the care given at the clinic and hospital is outstanding."

Fall 2021:

"Every employee asked if we were OK and if there was anything we needed to let them know. They treated me and my wife as if we were very special."

"I came to your emergency department by ambulance with a back injury from an accident at work. I received the best care ever from arrival to exit. Your team is the best!!!"

"I was a patient in your inpatient unit. I don't feel that 'very good' gives your staff enough credit. They were all top notch from the time I arrived to the time I left. A big thank you to everyone."

"Breaking a foot on vacation is no fun. However, I can't imagine a better place to have it done. I truly appreciate the quick and quality care I received."

Summer/Fall 2020:

Outpatient Services:
"Juan was awesome! The staff took excellent care of me and did their jobs completely efficiently."
~Christina - Trinidad, CO

Rural Health Clinic:
"I called the clinic and they saw me immediately. For the past 2-1/2 years I have been a patient at the clinic and everyone has provided exceptional care."
~Adolfo - Trinidad, CO

Emergency Department:
"Every time I have had to come to this ER it is always a very good experience at a time when you feel not so good. Thank you all very much. ER, outstanding service and treatment. Best ER visit I have had by far. Staff and doctors, nurses - top notch!"
~Edward - Trinidad, CO

Winter 2020:

"I had a very good experience at the Clinic even though I had a painful injury. I think the world of Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic - they did a wonderful, excellent job for me - in nursing me back to health!!! Even though the Clinic was very busy I did not have to wait long to see my provider."
~David - Trinidad, CO

"I had some concerns today as I traveled to Trinidad (I live in Fort Collins - had spent the night in Colorado Springs). During the drive from Colorado Springs I had a few symptoms/issues that were "new to me" so wasn't sure if it was heart, stroke, etc. - I have good health for a 55 year old male. United Healthcare directed me to your emergency facility. The process went very well - everyone was very understanding, listened to my concerns, and were very professional - the team was led by Dr. Thomas Czajkowski - he was very helpful. The nurses, physicians assistants, and technicians were very, very helpful and attentive. One of the assistants (didn't catch her name) was very helpful and made sure I was comfortable, calm, and on a good path forward. Thank you and appreciate your attentiveness, care, and professionalism!"
~Aaron - Fort Collins, CO

Spring 2019:

"I've been in/out of clinics/hospitals and I have to say, I loved it. Mt. San Rafael Hospital has the most kind and understanding staff."
~Tabatha - Trinidad, CO

"The radiology department is excellent. They communicated very well and I also returned in two weeks for a CAT scan and all the staff was just as pleasant the second time."
~Marlene - Trinidad, CO

"We are so fortunate to have a hospital in southern Colorado like Mt. San Rafael. I recommend it to everyone!"
~Larry - Trinidad, CO

"I was very impressed with Dario San Roman, NP. He was very professional & most knowledgeable! If I ever get ill when visiting in Trinidad, I will definitely go back to this clinic."
~Beverly - San Antonio, TX

Summer/Fall 2018:

"I recently had a visit to the emergency room. The doctor was wonderful! He did everything he could to make me feel better & more comfortable. They were very apologetic for the wait times (which were super short compared to other hospitals!). Overall it was a pleasant visit."
~Amanda - Santa Clarita, CA

"The Dr. ordered a blood test for me and when I arrived at the clinic I was taken immediately. There was no wait at all. From start to finish, I don't think it took 15 minutes for them to check me in and draw my blood. Staff was excellent. They made my test a pleasant experience. Thanks."
~James - Trinidad, CO

"I am a patient at the Rural Health Clinic. The staff and health provider did very well assisting me and others as quickly as possible. The nursing staff was friendly and helpful. Everyone was professional and informative and worked together as a unit. I'm satisfied."
~William - Trinidad, CO

Spring 2018:

" Staff - very professional, clean appearance, compassionate. I thank all professionals for their services performed."
~Gail - Trinidad, CO

"I love this place and my doctor! Everyone does such an amazing job. I've never seen anything quite like it. Thank you all for the courtesy you show patients and being absolutely professional at the highest standards. I'm very impressed. Don't let my doctor ever leave! Thank you all."
~Allen - Trinidad, CO

"Everything flowed good! The doctor was very good! The nurse helpers did excellent too! A good experience! All this was a great experience, "the crew" did very good...I'll definitely advise people to "come your way!"
~John - Trinidad, CO

"The emergency department was very good. I was having heart problems, and they took care of me right away."
~Mary - Trinidad, CO

Fall 2017:

"Dr. Catherall may be the best doctor I've ever had and may be the best overall support/hospital/clinic staff, throughout the Hospital, I've ever experienced. You all
work very well, and efficient with each other. I am so happy with my health care team, that I just can't say it enough. I have been treated just like A VIP every visit. Dr.
Catherall is getting to know me and I'm getting to know her. That's the way it should be. I just can't say enough about how happy I am with my health care right now!! Awesome job, "EVERYONE "! I feel very blessed. I would tell, and have told, any of my friends to go Mt. San Rafael. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!"
~Allen - Trinidad, CO

"I recently had an emergency room visit and the nurse's interaction with my child and I was excellent!!! My child was scared and the nurses comforted her by giving her stickers and gloves blown into balloons complete with silly faces drawn on them. The doctor was smiling and had a sincere love in her voice. She took special care of my daughter. Her compassion was over the top!! The radiology staff was very sweet to my child and actually talked her into sitting still for 10 seconds for the image to be taken.
I can't even get her to sit still that long. Y'all are the reason why my daughter asks to go to the doctor EVERY DAY now."

"I had a very good experience with the surgical department at Mt. San Rafael Hospital, especially the operating room
nurse staff. I did not experience any delays or have any pain. Thank you to all the staff."
~Howard - Weston, CO

Fall 2016:

"Everyone was extremely helpful and kind during our visit. We greatly appreciate all that you did for our daughter. My daughter was seen shortly after we arrived. We appreciate how quickly the staff attended to her!"
~Hanna - Amarillo, TX

"My husband and I have just moved from California to Santa Fe Trail Ranch. It is so comforting to know you have such a capable facility."
~Marilyn - Trinidad, CO

"The surgical staff was outstanding. Everything was great!"
~Delmarie - Trinidad, CO

Summer 2016:

"After having a quadruple bypass, I joined the Cardiac Rehab Program, somewhat reluctantly, at MSRH. I was quickly put at ease by Andres De Leon, RN, and his professionalism. I learned of the benefits and possibilities of a post cardio-bypass life. It is with great pleasure and gratification that I am able to recommend anyone that feels a need for excellent services that are offered in the Cardiac Rehab Program at Mt. San Rafael Hospital."
~Kenneth - Trinidad, CO

Spring 2016:

"The ER nurses were awesome. I couldn't have asked for better care."
~Charles - Trinidad, CO

"Having so many health problems, it's so nice to have some of the people there be so friendly when I have to come in for bloodwork or any other reason. I've gotten to know a few of the workers there because I have to get bloodwork done every month. Everybody is so nice to me and remembers me. I'm a hard stick, so they know that and do their best to get it the first time. The one lady is so good at getting a vein the first time. That is such a good feeling, knowing I don't have to get stuck more than once. They are always so friendly. I appreciate their thoughtfulness."
~Mary - Trinidad, CO

"I was very impressed with the doctor and staff while I was in the Emergency Room, and everyone was kind and attentive to me. I was very comfortable with the staff and the doctor."
~Betty - Trinidad, CO

"I am so pleased that we have the Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic. I think everyone there will help you if you need anything. Everything is clean and neat, and I always know I'm getting the best care."
~Mary - Trinidad, CO

Winter 2016:

"The care and attention I received in the Emergency Department was fabulous! The same excellent care continued once I was admitted to the hospital, and my observation was that every patient received personal, compassionate care. The staff are to be commended for their knowledge, kindness and great attitudes, which made me feel important, safe and very well cared for. Thank you!"
~Deborah - Trinidad, CO

"This was my first visit to Mt. San Rafael Hospital, but I was very pleased with every phase of my operation. Since I don't live in Colorado, I won't be able to return. You have a very nice facility. I appreciate the outstanding job by Dr. Amy and her staff."
~Rick - Spring, TX

"My visit to Mt. San Rafael Hospital was comfortable. Everyone was responsive and kind. The warm blankets were awesome. I received great attention in every area. I worked in the Emergency Department for 20 years, and it is a wonderful place to go when medical attention is needed."
~Chris - Trinidad, CO

"I am 89 years old. I have lived out of Trinidad for 25 years, but I have been in this hospital three or four times. I've also been in a hospital upstate a couple of times, but I will honestly say this hospital has always taken such good care of me - and the food is great."
~Jo - Trinidad, CO

Fall 2015:

"Quite frankly, I wasn't sure what kind of care I would receive in the E.R. I was very pleased with the staff and treatment I received. Dr. Sherick was outstanding and spent time with me, explaining what my diagnosis was. The nurse was attentive and caring. Truly would recommend your E.R. with no reservations."
~Cindy - Trinidad, CO

"The nurses took care of me right away and treated me with respect. I had injured my knee and they took care of it. The doctor was very nice and respectful and told me how to take care of it. I appreciate everything the staff did for me."
~Ralph - Capulin, NM

Summer 2015:

"Mt. San Rafael Hospital is great, a very nice hospital to be in. Like I said, very, very nice people."
~Leroy - Raton, NM

"The doctor and nurses who took care of me were very good, explained everything to me and took care of me right away. They were the nicest people I could have ever had. Tom did an excellent job and got my wedding ring off without having to cut it off. I can't remember the names of the other nurses and the doctor, but they were most helpful."
~Vernon - Northglenn, CO

"I am a healthcare provider and have been in many facilities of healthcare across the country. I received excellent care and attention. My basic needs were met. I am very pleased to know Trinidad has a facility to treat the community. The nurses and doctors at Mt. San Rafael Hospital saved my life. I will be forever grateful."
~Kathleen - Trinidad, CO

"The hospital was very busy and they had to deal with the same facility they have been in for a long time, but they did it cheerfully and efficiently. I was very satisfied but wish the area voters would have passed improvements to needed areas."
~Terry - Trinidad, CO

Spring 2015:

"As a stranger in town suffering severe pain and nausea, the care given to me at Mt. San Rafael Hospital was speedy, effective and relieved my symptoms. Their diagnosis was thorough, complete and a printed copy was provided for my urologist. Medication was given to me to use if necessary and two prescriptions were written for my pharmacist. I was able to return to my hotel, sleep and return home the next day. The whole time at the Hospital was only 2 ½ hours. I was amazed that a little town like Trinidad, CO, could have such an excellent medical facility. Well done! And a hearty thank you to the personnel of Mt. San Rafael."
~Robert - Cheyenne, WY

"I was kept comfortable, my room was very clean and the Hospital staff were honest and good to me."
~Marcia - Trinidad, CO

"The operating room nursing staff was exceptional and the anesthesia staff was super!"
~Steph - Raton, NM

Winter 2014:

"The nurses, Amy and Luke, were so kind that I remembered both their names. Thank you for the kind of experience you hope for! Kind Regards."
~Rachael - Pflugerville, TX

"I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to the staff of nurses, doctors and emergency personnel at Mt. San Rafael Hospital for providing such outstanding care, not just to me, but to my small dog Boomer when we were involved in a traumatic car accident nearby. I couldn't have imagined being shown compassion and care to that extent and I will be forever grateful."
~Lauren - Denver, CO

"Excellent service, thanks."
~James - Camarillo, CA

"I visited the MSRH clinic on an acute care visit because my clinic was filled. The provider was concise, prompt and efficient about handling my problem. I am thankful the MSRH clinic accepts acute care patients who belong to another clinic on a walk-in basis. I would not hesitate to use or possibly become a patient of MSRH clinic in the future.
~Cindy - Trinidad, CO

Fall 2014:

"I was extremely pleased with everyone with whom I came in contact with at your facility. The admissions lady very kindly helped me locate my new insurance information and all others were more than kind and considerate. I was treated better at your facility than ever at any other. Thank you sincerely for your kind and personalized service."
~Gloria - Sulphur Bluff, TX

"I have been an x-ray technologist since 1996 so I have seen quite a lot of the ER and radiology departments in at least seven hospitals including Trinidad. I must compliment you on a job very well done. The ICU and emergency departments at Parkview commented several times about the
placement of my chest tube which was done at Mt. San Rafael Hospital. Good job! Thank you all for the excellent care."
~Roger - Raton, NM

"My husband and I were on vacation when I got sick and I didn't know where to go so we went to the emergency room. Everyone was so nice and caring. They had me feeling much better by the time I left and I was taken care of immediately, no waiting. AAA+++"
~Crystal - Orlando, OK

Summer 2014:

"Everything was amazing; excellent service! My expectations were actually kind of low before staying at the hospital, but after, my opinion has changed dramatically. I was very happy with your facility and would recommend it to anyone! Also, Nurse Angela (night shift) was particularly helpful. She went above and beyond her duties."
~James - Trinidad, CO

"I am totally pleased with the care I received during my visit to the ER. I was treated with respect and the entire staff was very professional. My visit was so refreshing compared to what it used to be. I couldn't have been more comfortable. Way to go MSRH! Five star treatment!"
~Ruth - Trinidad, CO

"Dr. Carter explained my diabetes better than any other physician I have had in the past. The classes provided by Elvira Martin were most helpful!"
~Lawrence - Trinidad, CO

Spring 2014:

"The staff and physician were great and very kind to my sick four-year-old. One nurse even gave him a stuffed bear! Everyone was helpful."
~Katherine - Austin, TX

"I had heard mixed opinions about this hospital, but a few months ago when I had to be admitted, I felt very comfortable and I was treated quickly, not what I am used to when going to an ER. I was taken care of very well. They did what they could to meet my requests. I was very pleased with the care and respect I received from the hospital."
~Mary - Trinidad, CO

"I was transported to your hospital via ambulance to the ER. When I arrived three women immediately took charge. Dr. McClintock took care of me and, as always, provided excellent care. The nursing staff was very competent and also demonstrated they cared about me and how I was doing."
~Leslie - Trinidad, CO

Winter 2014:

"Dr. McClintock (ER physician), and Dr. Reitter (general surgeon), and all the staff were professional and helpful in my emergency room visit. I would not expect to find better care or treatment anywhere else. My experience that day and any past experiences at your hospital emergency room have always been top notch. Thanks for caring for me and my family."
~John - Trinidad, CO

"My husband was hunting in Colorado when he became quite ill with a respiratory problem. Dr. Stacey Porterfield was simply amazing. My husband has always had a strong gagging reflex and Dr. Porterfield was the first doctor to understand the problem, but also the first to have a remedy. He was very thorough, very informative, very thoughtful and took the time to explain where to get a prescription at a late hour. Without a doubt the best clinic physician we have ever had. Please extend our gratitude to Dr. Porterfield for a job well done."
~Bill - Stafford, MO